Random Image Generator for FB Comments Viral Script Free Download

In the past few days, you have seen many posts on pages that ask you to write your name after a website link and it will tell which phone you will get in future. These are actually random images generator sites.

I also saw that and thought it a good idea to earn some bucks. After few hours of analyzing these site, I created my own site for this. That site tells about your lucky number. You want to know that site?

Well, It is Luckyno.ga

Let me first show you some benefits of such sites.

Benefits of Random Image Generator for FB Comments Viral Script

After creating that site I posted its link in some FaceBook Groups. Here is result of my first post in a group (40+ Comments in 10 Mins)

1st Post Result
1st Post Result


and here is the real time I got right after 10 mins of 1st Post

Real Time
Real Time


I got happy to see results and I started posting in Various Groups. My post was picked by a Page Admin and I got over 500 comments on that post. Here it is…



I thought it is a good idea to add Google AdSense. After adding AdSense I realized that RPM is low. I simply put some high CPC keywords and boom the RPM boosted. Let us Summarize me benefits

  • You can Earn Decent Traffic
  • You can Earn Money (If you have Common Sense)
  • You can redirect that site to your money site to get transfer link Juice and Boost rankings 😛

Free Download Script

Without wasting your time here is the script.




If you know how to customize it and then you are ready to go otherwise continue reading this post.

How To use This Script and earn Money?

First of all, we need to create a site and host this script on it. All we are going to is free so do not worry.


Get Domain

First get a free domain name. Go to freenom.com and signup. In search bar search a domain name like yourluckymonth.tk  and get it. (Use your mind and find a short domain name)

Get Hosting

Now you have got a free domain, find Some Free Hosting Providers. (This script is small but it requires CPU usage so better if you can afford a Premium Hosting). Use above purchased domain and attach it with this hosting.

Upload Script

Uploaded that downloaded script from above link to public_html folder of your website. After that extract that .zip file.

Customize Script

Edit Index.php file and change Title accordingly your new idea. Also, change site link of luckyno.ga to yours. (No Further Customizations Needed.

Change Images

Open img folder and replace images with yours. Note there name ranges from 1-10 and their extensions are .jpg

Install Analytics (Optional)

It is an optional step but if you want to go to Google Analytics add your site and get installation code. Paste it in analyticstracking.php file.

Add AdSense (Optional)

If you want to earn money than create ad units and add them to index.php file under <body> tag.

Final Thoughts

So it was how you can create a Random Image Generator Site. Sorry, I can not write complete documentation but soon I will create a video on it. If you face any problem comment and I will solve it.

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