Monitor Website Uptime and Downtime – 3 Best Services

Are you thinking that is your website down? Or want to hire a free guard that will monitor website uptime and will notify you when it is down so you can take care of your visitors. Off course everyone wants it.

So today I am going to in-list three Sites to Monitor Website Uptime Totally 100% Free even without a credit card. These are

  • StatusCake
  • UptimeRobot
  • SiteUptime

Site uptime monitoring is also needed for a good user experience. So let us first read which is best of above tools and how to use them.

#1 StatusCake (Recommended)

Statuscake Monitor Site Uptime
StatusCake Monitor Site Uptime

This is the site I love to use. It is on the top of the list and is recommended by me. StatusCake is a simple, efficient tool to check your site uptime. In the free plan, they check every five mins to see whether your site is up or down and if it is down they send alerts on your email. The thing I love in UptimeRobot is its interval of checking which is 5 Min, and no site is offering such for free. Also, you can add Unlimited monitors that are just awesome. So here is how to use this service. And one minute I forgot to tell you can receive SMS alerts on Your Mobile using this service only.

To use StatusCake, Go to Free Signup Page and fill create an account.

Now you need to create a Contact group to receive downtime alerts. For this go to Create Group and create one. Enter your details and phone number (in format like +923351234567) For more you can see below image


After contact group creation in the right sidebar click on Tests and then click on New Test. After this fill information regarding your website. For more information and best options see below image (Note if you need to Receive Text Messages then You need to select your above created Contact group in contact group option. And also you need some points that you can earn free here)

#2 UptimeRobot

Uptimerobot - Monitor Website Uptime
Uptimerobot – Monitor Website Uptime

UptimeRobot is a good looking and is mainly created to monitor your website uptime. The free plan offers you to check every 5 Mins to see whether your site is up or down and if it is down they send alerts on your email. Also, you can add 50 monitors that are just awesome. So here is how to use this service

To use UptimeRobot, First of all, you have to signup on UptimeRobot. After verifying your email login to it and you will be redirected to site dashboard. Now here you can see an option of Add New Monitor (Located on top left side). Just click on it. A dialog will appear as shown below. Fill details and click on Create Monitor.

how to use uptimerobot
how to use uptimerobot

Now give it some time like 4-5 days and then see the report to get accurate uptime. For Bloggertism here is a report for you

uptime robot-report-of-bloggertism

#3 ServiceUptime

Service Uptime is a site just like above but is not better than above two. In the free plan, you can monitor your site after 30 minutes. There are other plans which you can choose too.

Wrapping it Up

That is what I found for you. It is very very important to keep yourself notified when your site goes down. Just tell me about your experience or Do you like this post or not? Waiting for your comments. In the mean time check my secret tip on How to Create non-Hosted AdSense account. Thanks for reading 🙂



10 thoughts on “Monitor Website Uptime and Downtime – 3 Best Services”

  1. Website downtime is always painful for us and especially for us as a Blogger, we lose revenue every time our site goes down.

    I must try statuscake to check my site uptime.

    Thanks Ammar, for sharing great free solution for all WordPress site owner.

  2. Hello, Ammar!

    Nice blog you got, buddy! Neat and clean! 🙂

    Well for me, I use UpTimeRobot and mainly for the work.

    This is the monitoring tool that I have it opened all the time I am working. 🙂

    And really it is doing an awesome job.

    Yes, it does have its own hiccups that we’re dealing with but overall, it is doing its expected job just fine.

    So, thank you for sharing these with us! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

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