How To Find High CPC Keywords for Free in 10 Minutes

Hundreds of Bloggers published articles on how to find high CPC keywords. Revealing ways to find profitable high paying keywords but they forget the way I am going to tell you today. They shared ways using SEMRush and other paid tools. These tools are not just expensive but also complicated too. But I will share how to find high CPC keywords for free in 10 minutes.

Step by Step Method to Find High CPC Keywords

Understand The Concept:

First Let me know you what we are going to do,

  1. We will use a free tool that finds expired domains. Using that we will find domains containing high CPC keywords in their names.
  2. We will extract these keywords and BOOM We found them, the high CPC keywords.

So without wasting time let us start!!

Create an Account on Expired Domains Finder Tool:

Use can use any, but I am going to use for this purpose because it is easy and free. Go and create an account on (

Finding Domains:

After creating an account completely log in and go to the homepage. And Click to find deleted .com domains

Expired Domains (.com)
Expired Domains (.com)

Extracting Domains Having High CPC Keywords:

Now click on CPC and it will arrange domains from high CPC to Low. (See the image below)

How to Find High CPC Keywords
How to Find High CPC Keywords


In The above Image, we can See that CPCs are starting from 300+$ and that is a huge amount to get paid per click. Well, Now comes the main part of extracting keywords.

Finding High CPC Keywords

Let us take first domain as an example. It is Here the keyword will be Offshore Attorney.

Now let us find its CPC. Simple go to (Free up to a limit) and enter the keyword.

High CPC keyword no 1
High CPC keyword no 1


Well, You found the first keyword with High CPC of $127. It is Just beginning guys see what happens next…

Click on The CPC word Present above (See Screenshot Below) to arrange them in descending order.

High CPC Keywords List
High CPC Keywords List


Here are 11 keywords with 100$+ CPC and Average CPC of 171$

offshore attorney
maritime lawyers
maritime attorney
maritime injury lawyer
offshore injury attorney
offshore injury lawyer
car accident attorney
accident attorney
personal injury attorney
auto accident lawyer
car accident lawyer

I am saying again it is just beginning. I have a bonus trick for you. Get it otherwise see conclusion for another gift.


[et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_8″]

Bonus Trick

If you noticed them with SEO point of view then you may have not noticed that with these amazing keywords you are also getting expired domains with exact match name (EMD). EMD are easy to rank. So if you really want to bank some dollars then purchase that domain (do not forget to see its spam metrics). Rank on it and have a vacation on a beach.


Conclusion with Another Gift

So, we found an average of 10 keywords from one domain and as you see back we have more than 50 domains of the front page of .com domain containing with more than 100$ CPC. So if we look only in .com domains we can find 50×10=500 High CPC Keywords with average CPC of 171$. It is not ended there are a lot of extensions choose .net domains and find more keywords. And so on…

At last, I would also like you to read this article of IftiSEO that explains AdSense CPC Guide and Explains the Real Concept here.

That was my little secret technique to find high CPC keywords. I hope you liked it. Drop your comment below and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

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