13 thoughts on “Create Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification”

  1. Does not work. Instead of an “Add phone number” screen with a “skip” button I get a “Verify your account” page which requires me to provide a phone number for verification by SMS or phone call.

  2. Thanks for this awesome post ! 🙂

    However, I cannot get more than 3 accounts per day on my computer, even after deleting all files linked to chrome on my computer (which resets Chrome as it had just been installed, so no more cookies + caches …) + changing my ip, they always flag me … Do you have any idea how to bypass it ?

    And do you have the same problem as I do ?

    I mean it works, but after the third account creation/day, any account you’ll create will automatically ask for phone call verification –‘ (in general it’s afterwards, so you’ll be able to create it, but if you try to connect to gmail, they’ll tell you they see an unusual activity on the account and ask for verification …)


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