[How to] Install FREE CDN on WordPress or Blogger

CDN means a Content Delivery Network. Installing FREE CDN on WordPress or Blogger is the first option if you are planning to make your website fast. Although your Web Hosting servers may be fast but they are not fast enough to load a lot of images, JavaScripts, CSS, HTML and much more in the matter of seconds. What if you divide this loading task to over many servers which are very fast and active? Yes, your website will rock and Google will love it.

This task can only done by CDN. How good it will be if this CDN is totally FREE for WordPress & even Blogger. Yes! it is totally amazing. Let us Add FREE CDN service on your WordPress or Blogger website.

Video Tutorial in Urdu Hindi

It is recommended to watch above video tutorial about How to install FREE CDN (Cloudflare) on WordPress or Blogger in Urdu Hindi. But if you cannot understand Urdu than continue reading.

Choosing The Best FREE CDN for Your Blog

In my eyes, experience i found Cloudflare as the most recommended FREE CDN. But if you are planning to buy one then i will recommended MaxCDN.

First of all, Cloudflare is too much easy to install. Second it offer many pro features free for everyone. Let us read how to add it to our website.

How to Install FREE CDN on WordPress or Blogger

Actually Cloudflare can only be installed on a custom domain. Nearly each website on WordPress has a custom domain will BlogSpot many users do not use custom domain. So, if you want to use Cloudflare you only need a custom domain. If you have a custom domain then continue otherwise first purchase it.

  1. Go and signup on Cloudflare.com
  2. After registration Add your website. And click on Begin Scan

    Adding website to cloudflare
    Adding website to Cloudflare
  3. It will scan all your DNS records. After this click on Continue. (Before This make sure that after your website name and www cloud colour is orange as shown below)

    Configuring Cloudflare DNS settings
    Click to enlarge image
  4. Now it will say you to change your custom name servers to their name servers.
  5. Now log in to your hosting control panel. Click your domain and change your Name servers.
  6. Hurrah! it is done and after some time your site will automatically be activated in Cloudflare.

That was all about to setup FREE CDN on WordPress or Blogger.

Features of Cloudflare

After installing Cloudflare you will see a lot of features. Some of my picked features and their explanation is below

  1. Speed

    It is the main feature of Cloudflare CDN. One of main option in speed is to select all options in Auto Minify. It will minify your website Javascript, CSS and HTML.

  2. Crypto

    It is a second advantage that you will get a FREE SSL protocol for your website. Means that your website will also be accessible over https:// . Is not it amazing? To setup free SSL on your site just visit Crypto feature in Cloudflare and in SSL option select flexible. Now visit your site by writing https:// before it. (Caution !  SSL may take 24 hours to work) I will soon makr a video or write a comprehensive article about SSL to force all your visitors to use https version of your website.

  3. Firewall

    Firewall can help you increase your website. I have choosen it esentially off but you can choose as you wish.

  4. Caching

    Caching is also a very popular feature of cloudflare use it as you wish.

  5. And very useful apps.

    Cloudflare also has the option to add further functionalities by adding apps on your website.

Some Last Words

As usual, I have tried my best to already answers your question but if you have any question than feel free to share with me. Do not forget to subscribe us on YouTube.

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