Ezoic Review: Never use it before Reading this Review!

Is your earning of getting less day by day? By optimizing keywords etc you are still getting very low CPC and RPM? Well, I was facing that too but now I at last solved this for free. Thanks to Ezoic and that is why I am going to write an honest Ezoic review. Click here to go to Ezoic.

Today, I am going to be in depth on Ezoic Review. But before this let me introduce my newbie friends about Ezoic.

What is Ezoic Ads Tester?

Ezoic is a programm that connects with Ad Networks to optimize your revenue from them. No, it is not like Google AdSense. It does not pay you and is also free but actually, it optimizes your Website like optimizing content, testing ads to increase your revenue etc.

Ezoic works by connecting it with your AdSense and then it seamlessly do amazing experiments using its artificial intelligence to increase your Earnings. They take a very little part of your earnings but in return they give you double. I will explain all this in this post.

Is Ezoic Trusted?

It is a great question because you will be going to give your website and AdSense control to Ezoic. So, the answer is: Ezoic is 100% trusted. There are a lot of competitors of ezoic but I written ezoic review because It is the official partner of Google AdSense. You can see the tag of Certified Partner with their name. Also here is the list of Google Certified Ad Partners. I try my best to provide you the best content. And that is the reason of Ezoic Review.

How Ezoic Works?

You have to first Sign Up on Ezoic. After that just you have to add your site. Click below to sign up

Sign Up

The next step is to integrate it. You can integrate by changing your nameservers (recommended) or by adding a JavaScript to your website (if you don’t have a custom domain like *.blogspot.com).



Now after integrating just write an email to Ezoic Support ([email protected]) and ask them to Invite you to be Managed Publisher so you can link Ezoic with AdSense. In a little time, you will receive an official email from Google AdSense. Accept it, and WOW your account is now being managed by Ezoic.

Now you have to setup Ezoic Ad Testing. Just Install Ezoic Ad Tester (If it is not yet Installed) from Ezoic App Store. Then turn it On for all devices. Now go to settings of this app and follow all steps by creating new ads and setting them on your site. Click here to learn more about Ezoic Ad Tester

Here we go with the final step that is Turning Ezoic on. This option is located at Your Dashboard. And here are my recommended settings.


Now you are done. Ezoic will start optimizing your website by choosing the best ads for your website and their placements. Ezoic will automatically use Double Click for publishers to increase your CPC and RPM. Just wait a little bit and see your earnings going like BOOM BOOM.

Why Should I Use Ezoic?

Google AdSense itself recommends to handshake with one of their partners. So, it is a golden chance for you. Ezoic is offering you this totally free. Do not miss this chance and sign up now on Ezoic.

Some Key Features of Ezoic – Ezoic Review

I am writing the review of Ezoic so it is my duty to write all benefits and disadvantages. Here are some key features of Ezoic

App Store:

ezoic app store

Ezoic has its own App Store where you can find some amazing apps. You can take a lot of benefits from these apps. Let me list some of them

EZlinks: I love it a lot. It saves a lot of my time. It works by interlinking your pages. For example, if you publish a post that contains a word “Hosting Speed” and you have a post on hosting speed than this app will automatically link to that post using this word hosting speed. It can decrease bounce rate too.

CloudFlare: I am using CloudFlare using their own settings while if you want to add CloudFlare to your site you can use this app. You can also install free https to your site using CloudFlare.

Solid Opinion: This is an app like Disqus. I prefer to use my own comment system while if you want your site to be the multi-comments site, you can use this app.

AdTester: It is a required app you need to install. You can find more about this above.

Meditation: I will recommend you to use this app. Just install it and do its settings. It is useful in connecting AdSense with Ezoic.

Advertiser Blocker: Wanna wants to disable some advertisers on your site. You can do this using your AdSense too but using this app too.

There other many apps but above are my favorite ones.

Very Less Payout Threshold:

Yes! AdSense pays you when there are at least 100$ in your account. But wait, Ezoic pays you when your earnings reach only 20$. You can payout via Pioneer, PayPal and much more.

Protect AdSense from Being Banned:

After you are ready to go with Ezoic. You are lucky that chances of being banned by AdSense are 0.01%. Because from now, many experts are going to handle your account. They will take care of your account more than you. You will even have your own personal manager to ask any question.

Keeping Yourself Ahead of Latest Updates:

AdSense is daily updating itself. It is now the need of the hour to keep yourself updated to get more benefits. Ezoic being the certified partner of AdSense will manage this for you. So what are you waiting for go and sign up on ezoic now.

Automated Testing that pays Double:

Muhammad Mustafa from MBT claimed that his earning is doubled. Yes, 200% more. It is only possible because of Ezoic. In free mode let us suppose you are making daily 0.50$. And by Ezoic you earning goes to 1.50$ and in return ezoic charges 0.25$ from you so, at last, gets 1.25$. Is not that amazing?

Wrapping it up

So this was my Ezoic review. Hope you have enjoyed it :-). Summing up I just want to say that Ezoic is All in One Tool to Optimize your Website for more earnings in a safe way. Ezoic is trusted by millions and I thinks that soon every AdSense user is going to use this. Now it is your turn share your thoughts on my ezoic review and do not forget also put your review of ezoic in comments.

8 thoughts on “Ezoic Review: Never use it before Reading this Review!”

  1. Ezoic is a big scam 🙂 If you don’t believe me just try it for a 2 weeks.

    What will happen?

    – If you accept to be “adsense partner program” with Ezoic, your revenues will down nearly %40-60
    – Your website’s layout, widgets , functions will change. ( You may say “it will turn to normal when i change my nameservers back” That’s exactly incredible what happens at this point. because i changed my nameservers back and my hosted files has changed. I know it sounds stupid, but it happened to me.
    – Your website speed will decrease
    – Your “spent on site” will decrease nearly %50-60

    Don’t believe me? Let’s have some experience -> https://www.ezoic.com

    All good reviews are “guest posts” :))

  2. Hey Ammar

    I have tried Ezoic for some time and i didn’t believe that it works that well, although ti has some positive effects on the final earning as their optimizations are good, but never felt that big jump of earnings.

    Although your review is quite good.

    ~ Jenny

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