Solved : AdSense Negative Earning and Current Balance Issue

You are now in tension because you may have seen a bug that is negative sign with your current balance. Do not worry i got the answer of AdSense Negative Earning and Current Balance Issue.

When my earning got done on 30th August, it was nearly equal to 300$ and on 1st September when I opened my account to see my current balance. It was just like a shock because my current balance was negative, -300$. I immediately opened Facebook and contacted my team members and all of them reported that their earnings are also in minus. So I think to contact AdSense. I Contacted and here is what I got in reply.

Here is Why Your AdSense Earning is Negative ?

AdSense Negative Earning
AdSense Negative Earning

Here is what is written in above image

“There is a small issue with the home tab that is showing the number incorrectly (negative). If you take a look at your payments tab, you will see that everything is normal. There is nothing to worry about. You will be receiving your payments as normal in August. Have a nice weekend.”

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You do not need to worry it is just a bug in AdSense earning system. And if they deduct any bit of amount from your earnings for invalid clicks than this will be present in Payments. So, it is better to check your Payments tab as well. Comment and share your AdSense story with us.

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