About Us

Howdy!  Welcome to My Blog Bloggertism.com. Before Going to Tell you Who I am let me tell you Why I made this Blog and what is Bloggertism.

Our Story

Bloggertism was created on 16 July 2016. It came live in the first August.

It was created to help newbies and convert them into professionals. I tried my best to make it the best. I shared all that I know. Bloggertism is my first love.

I randomly post on its blog. I also create a Bloggertism.com YouTube channel. I added a Blogger shop on it on 13 December 2016. This is what Bloggertism Contains.

I am thinking to make it a Brand before the end of 2020. I know it is difficult but is possible.

I am sharing tips on SEO, Blogger, WP and is writing some recommended posts. These recommended posts like recommended hosting etc. These posts help newbies to decide which path should I choose

My love with blogging is the reason to create this blog. I started Blogging in 2013. I became 16 years old in October 2016 (I was of 13 only when I started Blogging).

I can do SEO, make beautiful logos, and can create animation videos. This is God Gifted. I had not learned from a particular training institute or anything like that.

When I encounter some problem I recall my Facebook friends, and they helped me.

In My personal life, I am a student of 10th Class (2016). I had to study because you cannot become anything without studying. I belong to a middle-class family, but my father is a supportive person. He fulfills my needs before time.

This is all about me. If you want to know more contact me. And I will be there for you.